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Never give up on dreaming, on setting goals for yourself. There is so much you can do right now to get one step closer to  the finishing line. 

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Thoughts from a mind in Lockdown

#1 Curiosity

Let’s stay curious. We have this time now to rethink, to create new habits, and put our learnings into action. How are you feeling with this new way of living?

#2 Disconnect

With Covid-19 everyone has to isolate in NZ. What do you do to feel ok? Somehow we are more connected than ever before, yet, I felt the need to disconnect.

#3 Same Same

Boredom brings creativity. Though this doesn't change the dullness of this lockdown making every day feel the same. Do you feel that, too?

#4 Noise

We are slowly on our way to a "normal" life in this Covid-19 craziness. Every so slight change and what we are allowed to do is major. Don't you think?

#5 Creativity

I wouldn't want to go back to what we had before. Instead, it's time to move on and create something new. Let's ride that wave of life.

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Kindness beams from our heart, if we let it in to beam inside of us. Though what does that actually mean? What does “being kind” look like?

Ah that time bubble. It does so well in taking control over us. Let’s escape and enjoy each and every day with a few little tricks.

Covid-19 Update:

Due to the impact of Covid-19 some classes are on hold.
We are slowly picking things up again, plus together with the team at House of Yoga we are now providing a great variety of online classes so you can practice from home. 
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