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Want change? Make it happen.

What does your usual day look like? Have you got a routine?

Well, I guess as for most of us there is some kind of routine that we follow; some kind of map for our every day. For some of us this map is quite broad and provides a few destinations/events leaving us room to change around how we get there, such as wake-up, work, leisure time, sleep. For others, this map is detailed, with more than just destinations including a lay out of the little connections in between, which might go like this: wake-up, go for a walk, shower, breakfast, listen to a podcast on the way to work, have a coffee, team catch up, and so on.

Especially through travelling I have met a lot of people following a broad map and live up to the principle of “living the moment”. Spending time with them has always been a pleasure, like an adventure and inspiration that there is so much more to life than we could ever imagine.

Yet, I have met a lot of people who follow the latter using the same routes on their map day in day out. There might be some activities that change from time to time but overall it is the same; right down to the same breakfast every day; driving/walking the same roads to work every single day; having lunch at the same time every day; and so on. Most of the times, the work days are structured the same and it’s not until the weekend that this structure changes. It makes sense though: a structure allows us to plan our time and prepare our mind for the days ahead. More often it also allows us to get to certain events on time such as work, or an appointment, as well as establishing a “balance” between work and leisure time.

Why not experiment a little bit here and there and make every day a bit more interesting rather than waiting for the weekend, for that holiday, that promotion, that moment to come along?

I just need a change. Have you heard yourself saying that before? Or maybe your friend, colleague, family member?

Change is happening ALL the time.

Even though it might not seem like it, especially, when we hold on to the same daily routine, but each day still is different. More importantly though is that EVERY DAY we get the chance to make a change.

If your Friday always looks exactly the same and you have been craving to try out this new sport, this new recipe for lunch, or hang out with your bestie, well, why not do it at least for once? You can get back to your every day routine the next Friday coming up, but might get to experience something that you never would if you always stick to the same old story.

I thought about this a lot last week. I have been craving to dance with the group I used to train with when still living in the city. It’s been on my mind for so long to go and join in. However, I kept telling myself that it is too crazy of an idea. Well, it might be somewhat crazy knowing that to get there takes me about three hours by car, plus three hours to get home. On top of that, it would mean to drive home at night and come back early in the morning to then get ready for work. All of that for approximately two hours of dancing. 

So I kept pushing this idea from week to week until I got to a point when I just had to do it. I could no longer push it aside and it all of a sudden made sense to JUST do it.

And you know what? I’ve never felt so good in a long, long time. Yes, I was a bit tired the next day, but I felt great and had a smile on my face that nothing else could have made up for. I danced my heart out and could not have been any happier seeing some of the girls I used to train with.

What made me do it in the end is this: If I wasn’t going to do it, no one else could have ever done it for me and no other experience could have satisfied that craving. I knew that I was going to be tired, but I could make up for that later. I knew that petrol for this trip alone was a cost that my budget usually couldn’t cover, but then there will be other things that I might simply not buy that week.

Truth is the next day will come along anyway and it is so easy to pick up the daily routine. To me this was such a great reminder that a routine should not restrict us in following our passion and finding that change, that flexibility. Instead, having routine can be an awesome tool to make space for us to test, try, and explore and leaving behind the fear of not being able to manage.

You can manage, because every step you take is your decision. 

Life is ready for you and it is so up to YOU how to take it on day by day.

So tell me, what does your map look like? Does it ever change?

You might not seek a change as such, but if you do then go ahead and take it step by step. If there is something you’ve been wanting to do and feel like you can’t because it is not what you would usually do or you don’t find the time for, then see what happens if you just give it a go. Make time for it. What’s the worst that can happen? Maybe you can even create a whole new routine that is so much more fun, so much more fulfilling and rewarding than what you are currently doing.

Whatever it is you are seeking, don’t wait for change to happen.

Make it happen.

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