Lock Down

#5 Creativity

The last few weeks, or should I say last month, flew by in the tiniest blink of an eye. Since dropping from Level 4 to 3, this whole Covid-19 situation just became normal. Soon after we went down to Level 2, which was almost like back to what we life used to be. And that seemed to have gone by so fast. Sooner than expected we found ourselves in Level 1, which basically lifts all restrictions except very strict border controls.

So where to from here? Speaking to friends, family, students, there is a lot of anxiety about coming OUT of this lockdown lifestyle. First it was a struggle to get into all of that, but coming out of it – a whole journey on its own. And I can say for myself, I did quite enjoy the lockdown time. Life was peeled back to its essentials. For me I pulled on my strings of creativity mainly in the form of painting. 

I absolutely love painting though pre-Covid I hardly ever took the time for it. Now, it’s become a daily habit. It’s almost like a meditation. A little pause from everything that’s going on around me. Some days I work on something specific, other days I just sit down and see what my mind creates. I love it. It almost feels like the time of isolation, being quiet and pulling away from the hectic “work-to-live” mindset, finally gave space to the most simplest, yet, most powerful things. And that I am grateful for. It kind of allowed me to create a new normal and step away from old habits that I knew weren’t sustainable. How about you? Did you discover some hobbies, interests, or habits that have been kept silent for so long? I would love to hear how you have spent your time in lockdown and transitioning back into a less-restricted lifestyle.

I think, as always, there is only a way forward. I wouldn’t want to go back to what we had before. Instead, it’s time to move on and create something new. Riding the wave of life rather than paddling against it and holding on to what we used to have.

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