Lock Down

#2 Disconnect

We’re close to two weeks into our lockdown now and it feels like we are a bit more settled. At least for myself I can say that I somehow got used to this new normal. The weather has been super supportive gifting us incredible sunshine and calm days. I think that alone has had a big impact on settling into this whole new lifestyle a bit easier. I’ve seen so, so many people going for walks, bike rides, strolls along the beach making the most of the weather and staying away from any isolation thoughts.

I feel like the first week flew by. Maybe because every day was like a new chapter in a book: What’s next? Who is right and who is wrong? Is this turning into a deep cutting thriller or is the main drama over yet?

The days in week one were very bouncy and the internet basically exploded with so much stuff to do. Classes here, free products/services there, recommendations on how to find routine in this chaos, cooking tips, children’s entertainment,…you name it. I remember in one of my online Yoga classes we were kind of joking that even though being isolated from one another, we are more connected than ever before.

Somehow I was excited about this. A whole new sense of community and support. 

Yet, end of week two and I feel like I need to disconnect. Over the last couple of days I’ve been staying away from my computer and any media.
I went to the beach, took a dip in the ocean and that’s when I felt true happiness. In that moment I knew all I needed was simply that: a moment to myself in the Here and Now. 

Of course, the internet is an amazing tool and provides us so many opportunities to learn and grow and communicate. I love being able to attend Yoga and Dance classes with my favourite people while also giving classes to students that are close to my heart.

However, stepping away from all of this is when I can truly be here in the present. I don’t know if there is an underlying, hidden pressure that we are now meant to do something with our time. We could learn something new and train even more, and finally complete whatever challenge we’ve had sitting on our list. Yes, sure, we can do all of that. But for me I realised that there are moments when I don’t want ANY of that; when all I really need is quiet; when all my body is asking for is to rest; when all my mind is seeking is clarity.

Having my computer turned off all over the weekend, my partner and I enjoyed the sun as much as we could. I put on my favourite music while cooking as if I had nowhere to go to (I mean where would I go, right?). I pulled out my painting gear and created for hours and hours. And when finishing off my weekend with a Yoga session it became so clear once again, right now in this moment everything is ok because I didn’t let myself get pulled into thinking otherwise.

In saying that, I am excited about the weeks ahead. I knew it will be challenging as I do miss seeing my friends in person and there were moments I felt very lonely. But now more than ever is such a great time to do whatever I need to do to feel ok. One day it might be joining an online class. Another day it might simply be tuning out and watching the sun rise all by myself away from the buzz.

What are you doing to make sure you feel ok right now?


  • Katia

    Lena, this resonates clearly with me. Like you, I have felt that there is too much digital noise around us. It feels much too easy to be pulled into the whirlwind of activity that takes place online. Although in a sense we are now more connected than before, that connection feels different to what we crave. I think it’s important to continue to focus on our heartfelt intention and to share our gifts when it feels right, in a way that feels authentic. For those reasons, I have been choosing to keep a low profile and tend to what is most important for me and my loved ones at this time. All in due time. It’s more than okay to choose solitude.

    • lenapfitzner

      Thank you for your thoughts on this. I love how you say to share our “gifts” when it feels right. So true!
      So glad to hear you taking this time to look after yourself and your family. One day at a time. <3

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